Who called the fight Sweden coronavirus as an example for the whole world

On Wednesday the representative of the world health organization (who) has named Sweden as an example in the fight against coronavirus to the rest of the world.

According to Dr. Mike Ryan, Executive Director of the who Programme on emergency situations — Sweden is the state model of the behavior which you want to adopt the rest of the world to the normalization of life in the future — after the end of quarantine. Ryan praised the Swedish system of health care and noted that health workers of Sweden took the right course the beginning of the pandemic.

«They were testing, they significantly increased their possibilities for intensive therapy.» he added. «And their health care system was always able to respond to the number of cases they faced.»

Ryan said that the criticism of Sweden, because of its soft policy towards social distancing is unjust.

«Sweden has enacted a very strong public policies aimed at social distancing, care and protection for people in long-term care facilities and more.» he said.

Ryan believes that a state policy of Sweden was aimed at a mutual understanding with citizens and to enable them to comply with social distancing.

According to who, in Sweden, with a population of over 10 million people, the mortality rate rose sharply to 10 people in one day. As of Thursday the total number of deaths is 2,586 people. The overall performance of Sweden are still low compared to the rest of Europe, as in countries such as Italy, UK, Spain and France, the disease killed more than 24,000 people.