During the lockdown, hundreds of sheep were out on the deserted streets of the city in Turkey

One of the citizens of Turkey managed to capture the procession of hundreds of sheep that filled the empty streets of the city during the quarantine. Probably the country diligently observed regime of self-isolation.

The video, which was filmed in the town of Samsun on may 3, shared Turkish reporter Mr Soylu on his Twitter page. The post quickly gained wide popularity and became viral. As of Monday, may 4, the movie has been viewed about 3.5 million times, writes the New York Post.

«Last night, while locked in connection with the coronavirus, a flock of sheep invaded the Turkish town of Samsun.» — signed video Soylu.

Flock of sheep invades Turkey’s city of Samsun last night during the lockdown coronavirus 🐑 pic.twitter.com/Wmf4pKEGPM

— Ragıp Soylu (@ragipsoylu) May 3, 2020

It is not clear where they came from sheep and where they were headed. Some of them quickly went, when others were left to graze on the lawns of the city.

According to the Minister of health of the country Fahrettin Koju, today in Turkey there were more than 126,000 cases of coronavirus at a time, like 3 397 people died from the disease. According to the Johns Hopkins University, Turkey ranked eighth in the world in number of confirmed cases COVID-19, however, according to experts, the growth of the disease is much higher than reported because most cases of coronavirus are asymptomatic.