The man was washing dishes when the sink slipped a deadly snake

Never washing dishes was not so dangerous as in the day in Australia.

Michael Hilliard from Queensland has just started the chores when mesh brown snake slid out of the sink a few inches from his hand.

Net brown is considered the second largest venomous snake in the world and is the cause of more than half of the deaths from snake bites in Australia.

But like a true Aussie, Michael called the incident simply a «surprise».

«I raised my hands and said, wow, wow. Then I found out this brown and immediately called the catcher of snakes, — the man told channel 9News. No, of course I was a bit shocked, because these snakes can be deadly. Thank God she got to me.»

This job with the Eastern Brown in the sink will be on channel 9 news tonight

Geplaatst door North of Brisbane Snake Catchers and Relocation 24hrs 7days 0449922341 op Maandag 4 mei 2020

Snake catcher Stephen brown from the organization of North Brisbane Snake Catchers got a task to remove a poisonous snake, but she was able to slip back into the sewer.

So, if you live in Australia (or planning to go there, when countries open borders), our advice to you: keep a constant vigilance. Even during the mundane washing dishes.