Britain has overtaken Italy for the number of deaths from coronavirus

According to reports published on Tuesday, may 5, Britain overtook Italy in the number of deaths from the coronavirus — today in the country more than 32 000 deaths.

The number of dead could increase the political pressure on Prime Minister Boris Johnson, which is longer than other European leaders have imposed quarantine measures in March. Weekly data from the National statistical service of great Britain has added to the statistics for the number of deaths more than 7,000 deaths in England and Wales, bringing the total number in the United Kingdom increased to 32 313, writes Reuters.

This figure is one of the results of several methods of calculating mortality rates and the statistics are difficult to compare with statistics of other countries. However, this means that Britain could become a country with the largest a large number of deaths in Europe, despite the fact that the coronavirus in the country has spread much later than in other countries.

At that time, as hospitals in Italy, was already filled with patients with the coronavirus in Britain was still not quarantined. At the time, opposition parties have raised the issue of the decision of Johnson to postpone the introduction of strict measures of isolation of the population. They also said that the government was too late made the decision on mass testing and provided hospitals with the necessary equipment.

The true mortality rate of coronavirus can be even higher. According to the Office for national statistics in England and Wales died 33 593 people, at that time, as of April 24, it was 27 365 cases of deaths from the coronavirus.