5-year-old boy with autism received deep cuts, but saved her younger sister from aggressive kangaroos

On Monday five-year Cooper Heinz played near his home in New South Wales (Australia), when his three year old sister Georgie accidentally scared a few kangaroos. One of the marsupial didn’t run away and moved to the children.

«This kangaroo was at least five feet, and he rushed to Georgia, told the Daily Mail Holly Madden, the mother of the children. Cooper was so brave, he ran and shouted: «Go, GA, go!».

The brave boy managed to stand between a kangaroo and a younger sister, and then the animal attacked him.

Holly, who was also in the garden at a distance of about 25 metres, grabbed a cricket bat and rushed to the kangaroo, trying to get rid of it.

The animal was left on the hands, body and head of Cooper deep scratches. The boy didn’t talked with anyone since the attack.

Our strong tough hero our little man who saved his sister from the kangaroo the most scariest thing I have ever…

Holly Madden Geplaatst door op Zondag 3 mei 2020

«He’s autistic, but he’s usually very good at dealing with other people, and since then, as it happened, he’s not talking to anybody,» added Holly.

She told me that near their home often wandering kangaroos, but they were never aggressive.

«I’m just glad I was outside at the time. If I was in the house, I don’t know what would have happened».