Two students in the masks dropped dead during gym class

Two Chinese boy during the week is dead, doing exercise in disguise.

As reported by the Australian edition of 7News, both boy were 14 years old and they played sports in school.

«He was wearing a mask on a treadmill, and then suddenly fell and hit his head on the ground,» — said Mr. Lee, the father of one of the dead.

According to men, teachers and students tried to help his son, but to no avail.

The death certificate listed the cause — sudden heart failure, but an autopsy was not performed.

The boy’s father said he believes that the mask his son had to wear in school, played a role in his death.

However, Cao Lansu, Professor of University of Chinese medicine Shaanxi, said: this is unlikely.

«I don’t think that wearing masks was the cause of this sudden death,» said Cao, adding, however, that without an autopsy it is difficult to speak clearly.

Six days after the death of the second disciple fainted at school in Hunan province. To save the boy failed.

It is reported that the teenager was in the N95 respirator and fled to a distance of 1000 meters when he fell to the ground. It was unclear whether the autopsy.

Although it is unknown did the mask have a role in these tragedies, several schools in Tianjin and Shanghai has canceled exams in physical education.