15-year-old boy jumped into cold canal to save a drowning kid

A teenager from West Yorkshire (UK) called the «guardian angel» after he jumped into a canalto save a drowning baby.

15-year-old Riley Ferguson was walking his two dogs on Sunday when he noticed a little boy who fell into the canal.

«I am happy that I was there and was able to dive in and save him. I didn’t have time to think, I was just walking with his dogs when he saw him fall. It was pure instinct. It all happened in a split second, and suddenly I found myself at the bottom of the channel and managed to grab him, — said Riley. – The water was so cold that my heart was pounding. But the main thing – the baby was fine. If I was there for at least 30 seconds later, he could die. I had to save him».

Riley called for help when he held the baby in the water, and two passers-by rushed to him.

Baby Mama Reggie, 33-year-old Rebecca HAMPTON said she thought the son in the house and went into the garden, and 15-month-old Reggie slipped out of the house and went to the channel that starts directly behind the yard of the family.

«I keep saying that Riley is our angel. Reggie will grow up knowing who Riley is and what he did. He is our superhero. I will never be able to thank Riley, I gave him money as a reward, but no money in the world will never cover what he has done for me.»

A neighbor of the family, inspired by the heroism of a teenager who created a page on Gofundme to raise money for Riley, but the teenager refused to take any money and asked people to donate their physicians.