In the result of a gas leak at the plant in India killed eight people, injured about a thousand

The plant, located in the Indian city of Hyderabad, there was a leak of chemical gas which killed eight people. People suffering from shortness of breath, falling on the streets trying to flee from the scene of the incident. From gas poisoning affected about a thousand people.

Administrator Vina Chand said that several people fainted during the evacuation from the scene. The victims were taken to a hospital in Vishakhapatnam city in Andhra Pradesh. Among the dead are 8-year-old girl.

According to Commissioner of police R. K. Meena, one person died after falling well, at the time, as they ran from the scene, the other died after jumped from the second story window, fleeing from the gas. The other victims died in hospital. He also added that about 100 were hospitalized in stable condition with no life-threatening. The gas leak was stopped and the air cleared.

According to Chanda, the synthetic chemical styrene leaked from the factory LG Polymers that workers were prepared to work after closing it during the quarantine. He said that the leak occurred after a fire broke out, which soon extinguished.

About 1,000 people were in the area of 3 kilometers from the plant, complained of breathing problems and burning eyes. 25 ambulances were involved in transporting victims to hospitals. Mina reported that about 3,000 people were evacuated from villages near the plant.

In the photo the scene, you can see people who lost consciousness trying to run. According to an eyewitness, who is not named, the area of distribution of gas panic.

«People choked in their homes. Poor visibility made the situation worse.» — he said to journalists.

Srijana Humala, the local municipal Commissioner, said that in the area of spray water to minimize the effects of gas.

«Through the p. A. system asking people to use a wet mask.» he said.

March 25 India has introduced strict quarantine to control the spread of coronavirus. On Monday, the measures were eased, allowing to resume work of local shops, industries and businesses.

Today in India was almost 50,000 cases of infection, of which 14 183 patients recovered and died 1694.