The driver when police tried to throw a bag of cocaine, but forgot to open the window

And.. today’s prize is the unluckiest criminal is sent to that resident of the UK.

The driver tried to throw the cocaine worth around $31 thousand from the window of his van when he was stopped by the police, but the plan failed for the simple reason that the man forgot to open the window.

Officers from Devon and Cornwall stopped the car on the track, approached the van and noticed that the cab interior is covered with white powder.

It’s like trying to get the list of the most stupid criminals in the UK, the man tried to throw the drugs out the window, but since he forgot to open it, heavy package broke the glass.

Compounding to the attacker already bad situation, the packet exploded and the coke covered the car with «snow».

«We want potential criminals knew that despite the quarantine, we are working and we will continue to pursue those who choose to break the law,» said the police in Devon and Cornwall.