In Mexico have found a mass burial of 25 unidentified bodies in a mass grave

Law enforcement officers in the Mexican state of Jalisco have discovered a mass grave with the bodies of at least 25 unidentified people.

«Investigators also found five bags, in which there may be human remains», — stated in the message of Prosecutor’s office of the state of Jalisco, posted on Saturday on Twitter.

According to prosecutors, the remains were found in El Salto, a town South-East of Guadalajara (the second largest city in the country). Body and bags will be subjected to forensic examination.

In recent years, state violence has increased. According to the Department of narcotics of the United States, this place is a base of the Jalisco Nueva Generacion — one of the «most powerful and fastest growing» drug cartels of Mexico. He separated himself from the notorious Sinaloa cartel 10 years ago.

The Prosecutor stated that they continue to work, «despite the health risks associated with Covid-19, including in search of the vanished people.»

According to preliminary information, it all started with the fact that dog bones were found on an abandoned farm in El Salto.

This year some 115 bodies have been found, at least 10 graves in the state of Jalisco.