Russia has overtaken Ispaniu, Britain and Italy in the number of cases of coronavirus

A serious surge of coronavirus in Russia led to the fact that the country ranked second in the world in the number of cases COVID-19 — just hours before authorities provide updated information on diseases. Indicators new cases of coronavirus in Russia exceeded that in Spain, the UK and Italy, which had previously been on the second, third and fourth places.

The number of new cases of coronavirus has grown at record speed — to 11 656 24 hours, increasing the official number to 221 344 cases may 11. As of Tuesday, may 12, official figures are 232 243 cases. To date, only in the United States was more, than in Russia, according to Reuters.

Moscow — the epicenter of the outbreak of the coronavirus in the country. The registered capital of the most cases and the highest number of deaths — on Monday, the number of new cases rose to 6 169, bringing the total to 115 909. At the same time, it is reported that the knocks from the disease died 94 people, and the total number is 2 009 deaths across the country — which is much lower than in other countries. In the Kremlin doubt about the accuracy of death rates from coronavirus in Russia.

According to official data published on Sunday, Moscow said about the increase in mortality in April 2020 by 18%, compared to April of last year. This suggests that the official mortality from COVID-19 likely to be severely underestimated. However, the authorities attribute the low number of deaths with mass testing of the population, during which it was tested 5.6 million citizens. According to them, this allowed time to detect sick patients and timely initiation of the treatment.

On Monday the President of Russia Vladimir Putin made a statement in which he spoke about the situation in the country. At the end of April, he announced the extension of the quarantine until may 11, after which the country will be preparing for the gradual lifting of restrictions. In his address he told the Russians that the worst days of the epidemic is yet to come. Two days after this statement, the Prime Minister of Russia Mikhail mishustina was diagnosed COVID-19. Tuesday, may 12, it became known that Putin’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov also sick with coronavirus.

Putin ordered the government to develop a plan for the resumption of the economy to 1 June.

Muscovites and inhabitants of other regions of Russia are already on the seventh week of self-isolation. Residents of the capital are obliged to remain at home, except visiting grocery stores and pharmacies. They are required to obtain a digital resolution in the form of a QR code on the use of public or private transport.