Wild wild Australia: a huge Python swallowing a whole possum in the backyard

Caution! These photos can be shocking!

Catcher of snakes in the Queensland (Australia) faced with the «absolute monster», feeding in the back yard of a house.

Everyone knows that the most dangerous creatures on earth for some reason are concentrated in Australia, but see in the photos, is truly creepy.

Catchers snakes out of company Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers took a picture of a huge Pythonhanging from the gutter and eating an adult possum in the back yard of a house in Mooloolaba.

Huge Python Eating A Possum! Wow isnt this incredible! I am currently here at a home in Mooloolaba waiting for this…

Geplaatst door Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers 24/7 op Dinsdag 12 mei 2020

According to the snake catcher Stuart McKenzie, he could not believe my eyes when I saw this hunt diamond Python.

«Python was a length of about two meters, and it took him almost an hour to eat the possum,» he told Daily Mail Australia Stuart Mackenzie.

And it’s not the most impressive prize of a Python.

In 2019 on the marsh in mount ISA (Queensland) fearless-kayaker, Martin müller took the photo, when a large Python has swallowed….crocodile.

«I don’t see how he has digested,» said an eyewitness.