The Wuhan new cases of coronavirus after a partial lifting of quarantine

Known worldwide, the Chinese city of Wuhan who first became the epicenter of the spread of coronavirus — reported new cases of the disease after leaving a long quarantine. The authorities stated that in the city no more misleading, no cases COVID-19.

Monday, may 11, the Wuhan reported five new cases of coronavirus that was discovered in an urban residential complex, reports Fox News.

«Currently, the problem of prevention of the epidemic and combat it in the city remains still very complicated.» — stated in the message of Department of health of Wuhan. «We must resolutely curb the risk of a resumption [of the epidemic].»

Reports of new cases associated with the easing of travel restrictions between provinces. President trump has repeatedly criticized China for restricting travel within the country in order to slow down the spread of the virus, but not international travel — which probably led to a proliferation of COVID-19 worldwide.

«Of course, it could have been stopped.» — trump said during the event in the East room of the White house, dedicated to the discussion of the elderly during a pandemic. «They either couldn’t do it from the point of view of competence or allowed it to spread.»

It is reported that the new cases were asymptomatic, which is the main problem, which stimulates the spread of infection. This complicates the diagnosis — after all, to identify the coronavirus in asymptomatic carriers is possible only through testing. Such patients can still be a danger to other people.