German brewery gives out free beer, which failed to sell during the quarantine

Because restaurants and hotels are closed, the German brewery in Willingen, Hessen, Germany, there are about 690 gallons (about 2 612 litres) of beer. However, rather than simply disposed of, the owners of the brewery decided to please the people and give the dark and light beer for free.

The brewery owner Franz mast said that he needs as soon as possible to free up space in the tanks for fresh beer to be ready for the opening of bars and restaurants. Mast organized spilling of beer for everyone: people patiently stood in line at the brewery, observing social distancing. Some lucky people back home filled with beer buckets.

Initially, the brewery planned to pour 542 liters of beer in one day on Thursday, but they disappeared in a few hours.

«We also want to thank people, and hope that after we re-open, they will have the same support will come here and recommend us.» said mast in an interview.

Representatives of the beer Association Deutsche Brauer Bund explained that brewers are faced with falling sales due to the decline of export of product, especially in China and Italy. In addition, the imposition of strict quarantine were closed bars and restaurants. Oktoberfest in Bavaria, the world’s largest beer festival, was also cancelled.

«I hope this will help the brewery, so we here. Thus, today we can sit in the garden under the sun and drink good beer Willinger.» — said the visitor Natalie Julius.