The man turned to social networks in search of the owners of a lost «puppy», but found that saved a wild beast

Surprises is what we expect to see, which is why they are called surprises.

A Twitter user recently came across a truly unique find. One day he was on the road to National Route 275 in Japan, when I found an adorable puppy at the curb. The little female was all alone. She seemed too young to take care of themselves, so the man called her the Moon and decided to take her under his wing. At least for some time. At the same time he showed himself as a responsible person and tried to find the owners of the puppy on social networks.





— MARCY (@marcy_com) May 2, 2020

Here is the beginning of surprises. First of all, nobody said that he is the owner of a puppy, but the man received a lot of responses and reactions to your post. Of course, the Moon looks like an adorable puppy, and most people wrote about this.
But among the users there were those who doubted that it was a puppy. It all started with the fact that male have marked incredible video in which the Moon is rather strange bark. In addition, someone her muzzle seemed more like a raccoon dog. Finally, while suspicion grew, some began to think that the Moon is a baby Fox. That’s when the guy realized, why not said the owner of the pet: it was a wild cub of a Fox.

By the way, in Japan to keep foxes as Pets illegal, as they can be carriers of dangerous parasites that can infect humans. So the man had to look for a place where he could attach the moon. She didn’t need the owners, but that doesn’t mean that she didn’t need concern. He found a place called North Fox Farm in Kitami, Hokkaido. So the experts have established that she is about 1-2 months. She’s too young to look for food or take care of yourself, so spend some time there until they grow up.

North Fox Farm promised to do a photo shoot of the moon in the near future. Looking forward to see the grown Fox.