The 6-foot «shark monster» swam up to the boat with three guys and was «looking at» them

Three guys from Australia were, to put it mildly, terrified, when a six-meter white shark approached their boat and began to examine them.

Three guys were fishing 30 miles from Doswell in Western Australia, when «shark monster» started to hover around their boats.

«I couldn’t believe my eyes — said one of the guys. The shark-monster approached the back of the boat. I thought she was going to bite part of it. She swam around the boat three times, closely watching us, and then dove right under the boat. Then I felt that we need to go.»

And last week a shark in Australia attacked a surfer.

23-year-old Dylan Nakas was surfing on bells beach, which is about a half-hour drive from Melbourne.

He had no idea that the shark was stalking him until she clung to his leg. Luckily, guy was able to fend off the predator. Surprisingly, in the words of Dylan, he is looking forward to when his injury will pass, and he will be able to get back into the water.

«My leg is almost fine, I’ll be back to surfing,» said guy.