The man on the fishing instead of the fish caught 60 mysterious cube with strange engravings

To catch fish instead of an old boot – it’s the usual story.

But one resident of Coventry (UK) was stunned when caught nearly 60 of the mysterious engraved cubes, which is thought to be associated with a Hindu prayer ritual.

38-year-old will reed and her sons were on a magnetic fishing on the river Sow (River so we) may 8, when I came across a strange catch.

At first he thought it was just trash, but upon closer inspection realized that on every cube there are engraved inscriptions.

The man posted a photo of the mysterious cubes in Reddit.

«There were a lot of options, Cuba really captured people’s imaginations,» said will.

One user wrote that it is a Hindu cubes with prayer spellsthat «are» when they are thrown into running water.

According to the man, he plans to show the cubes to the specialists to understand if they are worth anything.

In addition, the river will Reid found a silver coin and is now going back to fishing, to learn, do not hiding in the mud some more «treasure». And, of course, he never tells us where is this amazing place.