A teenager rescued a mother and 3 small children from a burning car

A teenager rescued a mother and 3 small children from a burning car

Justin Gavin, an 18-year-old Connecticut teenager, was walking down the street at Walgreens when he witnessed an eerie sight. A small SUV was driving past him, engulfed in flames, and a little girl looked out of the car window.

Other drivers honked, trying to attract the attention of the woman who was driving, but she simply could not stop. Without thinking twice, Justin rushed after the car.

“I just thought that if I myself were in this situation, I would like someone to help me. Gavin said. «I guess my instincts took over.»

By the time Justin caught up with the car, she finally pulled up. Then the teenager opened the door and first helped his mother out of the driver's seat, and then — in spite of the growing flames — pulled out three children, 1, 4 and 9 years old. In just a moment, Gavin says, the car was completely engulfed in fire.

“I was a little scared because I didn't know if I could get everyone out in time. Fortunately, I was in time. »

The mother, whom Justin helped to get out of the car, is sure that with his noble deed the teenager saved the life of her family, and the local police department calls Gavin a real hero.

Justin himself says that what happened inspired him and made him rethink a lot.

«All this made me realize how short life is.»