US Embassy employee dies after beating in Kiev

US Embassy employee dies after beating in Kiev

In Kiev, an employee of the US embassy died as a result of beating, the city police said.

According to an official statement from law enforcement agencies, the woman who was found at the railway tracks on the street. Tolbukhin, was taken to the hospital unconscious and with a head injury. She died shortly after hospitalization.

At the moment, her name has not been disclosed, but when examining the belongings of the deceased, documents were found confirming that she was an employee of the embassy.

The circumstances and possible reasons for the attack have not yet been disclosed, but the police are looking for a suspect. He is described as a dark-haired man aged 30-40, standing between 190 and 200 cm tall, wearing black shorts, navy blue trainers and a T-shirt.

According to RIA Novosti, citing local media, the woman could also have been hit by a train. She was believed to be jogging at the time of the incident.

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