What to see this week?

What to see this week?

With all the variety of modern television production, sometimes it is so difficult to find a film or program to your liking. Our partner Russian television eTVnet will help you find a movie or series that you have not yet watched. Subscribe to this wonderful service and see a lot of new products and new arrivals at any time convenient for you. And this week we invite you to choose one of these films or TV shows!

Mechanical suite

If you haven't watched this wonderful movie yet, come to eTVnet as soon as possible! It is not without reason that this picture collected all possible awards in 2002. Among them, of course, are Kinotavr and Nika. Well, if you are still in doubt, say: Garmash, Makovetsky, Porechenkov, Khabensky, Rozanova are playing in the film … Are you already turning on the TV?

New Year's flight

The series is based on Alisa Lunina's novel «New Year's Flight Moscow-Petersburg».

What to see this week?What to see this week?

In the past, Vera is a rock singer, and now she is an ordinary housewife. Her husband plans to celebrate the New Year with his mistress, and Vera is alone. However, the whirlwind of New Year's bustle ruins their plans … Watch the series «New Year's Flight» on eTVnet.

Find a Husband in the Big City (Marriage in Russian)

Lisa is a successful translator, but she has difficulties with the language of love. Having fallen in love with a successful architect, she realizes that she cannot explain herself to the man of her dreams. Every day it becomes more and more unattainable …

If we are destined

What to see this week?What to see this week?

Artist Alexander Vlasov lost his daughter in a car accident, but the unexpected news that he has two twin sons gives him hope for happiness. However, the friend of the deceased daughter finds out that the twins are somehow connected with the millionaire and a friend of the Vlasov family … She begins her own investigation.

Rainbow reflection

A series of mysterious murders shook the city. All crimes are united by the fact that they are committed at the terminal stations of different metro lines, and the killer leaves a colored tape in place. Finding him is the task of an expert in criminal psychology, Polina Orekhova.

What to see this week?What to see this week?


“The Unforgiven” won the main prize of Kinotavr in 2009, and this is not surprising. Everything in this film is unusual, even the fact that there are six main characters. They are young, but each of them has their own way of life behind them, which will now change irrevocably …

All these great films and series can be watched at any time from the archive of Russian TV eTVnet. Here you will also find many other great films and TV shows in any genre! Look in the archive for documentaries, concerts, humor and sports programs. A nice bonus — all programs from the archive are shown without annoying ads.

In addition to the most popular TV series, blockbusters, season novelties and iconic movie premieres, eTVnet has over 200 channels from Russia and the CIS countries. Live channels are also convenient because you can watch them in Moscow time or in the local time of your time zone.

The latest news from Russia and the CIS countries, sports matches, new series of TV series on Russian and other TV channels — eTVnet will show all this for you live. And if you did not have time to watch the program live, watch it in the recording. A two-week archive of live broadcasts of all channels is so convenient!

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