In Paris, a teacher who showed cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad in a lesson was beheaded. What is known?

In Paris, a teacher who showed cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad in a lesson was beheaded. What is known?

On Friday, October 16, in a suburb of Paris, school teacher Samuel Pati was beheaded by an 18-year-old Chechen man who was soon shot by police. The macabre incident, which President Macron has already called an «act of terrorism» could be directly related to the work of Party — who taught «freedom of expression.»

What is known about the deceased?

Pati, 47, was a history and geography teacher at College du Bois d'Aulne High School. A month before the murder, he discussed freedom of expression with his students in class, showing as an example the cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad that led to the shooting at the editorial office of Charlie Hebdo.

After the lesson, several families complained about Party to the school administration, one of them also posted a video of the lesson on social networks, demanding to call Samuel «to account.»

This Friday, a commentary from another parent appeared under the post, who noted that Party behaved in a very correct class — advising Muslim students to temporarily leave the classroom if they consider the images offensive.

“He was a great teacher. — added the author of the comment — He tried to encourage critical thinking in students and always treated them with respect.

At the moment, the video has been deleted.

According to police, Pati continued to receive threats until his death.

What is known about the attacker?

According to the authorities, Party's killer was Abdulak Anzorov, an 18-year-old Moscow native of Chechen origin, who had refugee status and lived in Normandy. He received a residence permit in France in March 2020.

Anzorov, who managed to share photos of Samuel's body on Twitter, was shot by police about 600 meters from the scene of the crime after he allegedly opened fire on the officers.

Witnesses also say they heard him shout «Allahu Akbar» before the murder.

In connection with the incident, 9 more suspects were arrested — including Anzorov's parents, his grandparents and younger brother.

Ce soir, c'est la République qui est attaquée avec l'assassinat ignoble de l'un de ses serviteurs, un professeur.
Je pense ce soir à lui, à sa famille.
Notre unité et notre fermeté sont les seules réponses face à la monstruosité du terrorisme islamiste.
Nous ferons face.

— Jean-Michel Blanquer (@jmblanquer) October 16, 2020

What are the authorities saying?

In a statement at the scene of the tragedy, President Macron called the incident a «dastardly attack» and «an act of terror,» adding that Party was killed for «teaching freedom of expression, faith and disbelief.»

Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquet also commented on the attack on social media, calling the teacher's murder an attack on the whole of France and calling for «unity» in the face of terrorism.