Missing California mother survived 10 days without food in Zion National Park

Missing California mother survived 10 days without food in Zion National Park

A California resident who went missing in Zion National Park in Utah was reunited with her family two weeks after her disappearance. By this time, her family had already begun to fear the worst.

Search and rescue teams found 38-year-old Holly Suzanne Courtier from Los Angeles on Sunday near the Virginia River after park rangers were informed that a woman had been seen nearby.

Courtier's daughter, Kaylee Chambers, said her mother is still recovering from 10 days without food in an unfamiliar area. According to Kayleigh, Courtier was so weak that she “could not take two steps,” and due to dehydration, she could not even find the strength to open her mouth and call for help.

Missing Person Holly Suzanne Courtier Found at Zion National Park. She has been reunited with her family. pic.twitter.com/DdAySxn5Dj

— Zion National Park (@ZionNPS) October 18, 2020

“At the beginning of her journey she injured her head on a tree,” Kayleigh said, “and was very disoriented, but, fortunately, she found herself next to a water source: a riverbed. She decided that her best chance of survival was to stay close to water. «

Zion National Park published a statement on social media on behalf of the Courtier family, in which it thanked everyone who participated in the search for the woman.

“Thanks to the search teams who continued to search for her day and night without losing hope — and countless volunteers who have spared their time, resources and support for us.”