British scientist reveals 4 common myths about healthy food

British scientist reveals 4 common myths about healthy food

Everyone who follows their figure or are determined to lose weight adheres to many rules, but should they all be followed? British scientist Tim Spector is sure that he is not, and is even ready to dispel 4 common myths, — writes the magazine «MORE».

How about breakfast?

It is generally believed that this is one of the most important meals, which can not be missed, but Cook is convinced of the opposite. According to him, giving up breakfast, you will not only avoid overeating, but also lose weight, and also bring your insulin levels back to normal.

And the fish?

Cook, of course, does not say that fish should be avoided like fire, but believes that its benefits are greatly exaggerated. In addition, he notes, the positive effects of omega-3 fatty acids on our brain are still not fully understood.

Don't be afraid of salt

Too much salt can disrupt the body's water balance and raise blood pressure, but in moderation it is absolutely essential, says Cook. For example, the sodium contained in it is the key to correct muscle contraction and transmission of nerve impulses.

Don't Overestimate Vegetarianism

According to Cook, many people think that vegetarians limit themselves to eating vegetables and fruits, while in fact many of them have meat substitutes, cheeses, and desserts rich in fats and sugar in their diets.

As for the benefits of vegetarian dishes, it is often not scientifically confirmed, — the scientist adds.