In Florida, the ex-sheriff’s deputy gave the child a weapon to fight the demons who were supposedly at home

In Florida, the ex-sheriff's deputy gave the child a weapon to fight the demons who were supposedly at home

The former Orange County sheriff's deputy is accused of giving a gun to a child and ordering to shoot anyone who walks into the apartment. He also allegedly performed an exorcism on the second child.

According to WESH, the local NBC affiliate, Christopher Dougherty was arrested Sunday after police were called to his apartment.

According to the officers, Dougherty was found in the apartment with a pistol and saw a girl lying on the floor with a rifle.

“She was wearing a kevlar helmet and body armor. She was ready to shoot anyone who entered the apartment, ”the officer wrote in the arrest report.

The child told investigators that when she woke up, Dougherty told her that «there were demons in the house and they needed to burn the damn things.» They then burned several items in the parking lot and «drove the devils out of her brother,» WESH reports.

Dougherty was taken to the hospital for a mental health assessment under the Baker Act. He has served as Deputy Sheriff for Orange County since 2006, but was fired for reasons unrelated to the incident.

“As law enforcement officials, we adhere to the highest standards of conduct, both while on duty and outside of business hours. But we are also worried about the mental health of the deputy sheriff. «

Dougherty was arrested after being discharged from the hospital. He was charged with child abuse.