In California, student council president resigns after wife’s racist tweet to Kamala Harris

In California, student council president resigns after wife's racist tweet to Kamala Harris

The San Francisco Bay Area School Board president has resigned after his wife left racist comments about Vice President-elect Kamala Harris on social media, NBC reported.

John Venverloch announced Sunday that he is stepping down from his position at the Las Lomitas Elementary School District in Menlo Park.

Venverloch made this decision after his wife, Meridith Phillips Venverloch, tweeted in response to Harris's qualification statement: “All she needs to qualify is to be black (a rough term for female genitals)! Brains are not needed here! «

Announcing his resignation, Venverloch emphasized that he did not agree with his wife's “outrageous views”, but he understood that by remaining in office, he would “distract” colleagues from more important issues.

Wenverloch, who previously held a senior management position at Google, was elected to the school board in 2018. His term of office was supposed to expire in 2020.

Donald Trump's supporter Meridith Venverloch later apologized for her remarks in another post, writing that her «vulgar» words were spoken «in a moment of disappointment.»

“I’m very sorry and terribly ashamed,” she said, adding that her behavior could be related to changing the medications that the woman is taking due to a neurological disease, before the planned hospitalization.

Other board members for the district, which includes Menlo Park High School and Atherton Elementary School, denounced the Venverloch post for displaying «racial and gender hatred.»

photo: flickr / cc / Gage Skidmore