New NBA season begins on December 22

New NBA season begins on December 22

The start date of the new NBA season has been confirmed.

According to a Metaratings source, the new NBA season kicks off on December 22. Teams will play 72 matches in the regular season.

Teams' training camps are due to open on December 1. By this date, all financial issues should be settled, and players who are in the status of free agents should be able to sign contracts with new clubs in November. The free agent market is due to open after November 18th.

It is worth recalling that previously the teams played 82 matches in the regular season. The current NBA champion is the Los Angeles Lakers, who beat the Miami Heat in the final. LeBron James was named the best player in the playoffs.

The NBA intends to start next season with a fan limit. At the start of the season, the league plans to fill the arenas by 25-50 percent, depending on the rules of the region in which the match is taking place.

Fans attending the game will be required to comply with a special safety protocol, wear medical masks, maintain social distancing, and take coronavirus tests. At the same time, the places for fans closest to the site will be moved back by 3-3.7 meters.

It is noted that the designated rules may change during the season if the situation with the coronavirus changes.