Australian man betrayed himself when he reported the theft of his marijuana to police

Australian man betrayed himself when he reported the theft of his marijuana to police

A man from Australia is accused of growing marijuana after he betrayed himself in an unusual way.

A resident of Tennant Creek, 61-year-old William Poynton, called the police when he noticed that one of the the marijuana bushes he was growing were gone. Upon arrival, the police found about 70 plants, some of which were up to 1.5 meters in height. That was more than enough to get Poynton into custody on charges of growing marijuana for sale. The man pleaded guilty.

In court, Poynton's lawyer Noah Redmond admitted that he was his client knew about the illegality of his actions. The reason why he called the police, realizing that he was betraying himself, was the principle of a man — Poynton suspected that his bush was stolen by young people, and he was categorically against the use of marijuana by minors.

“The fact that he called the police taking charge of growing cannabis is a very important factor, ”said Redmond. “Young people tried to steal his cannabis, and he believed that children were unable to make an informed decision whether to smoke cannabis or not, so he called the police to prevent their access to it.”

The lawyer explained that Poynton did not sell marijuana, but bartered, receiving food, goods and physical assistance in return.

Judge Peter Barr paid tribute to Poynton for surrendering to the police on his own, however, Attorney Glen Dooley emphasized that the defendant himself admitted his guilt.

«Pointon participated in a voluntary interview in which he fully confessed to cultivating plants and growing cannabis for about 40 years,» he said.

Pointon will be sentenced at the end weeks.