Police arrested the daring of the robbers who robbed the truck at full speed

Police arrested the daring of the robbers who robbed the truck at full speed

After a year of prosecution, last week in the Netherlands, the police detained a Romanian criminal gang from five persons. In a secret hiding place of the group was found to have a large batch of iPhones in the amount of 590 000 dollars, which the thieves were able to steal directly from the truck during transportation.

The press have dubbed the principle of operation of criminals «Romanian method«.

During transportation of the goods, the thieves drive around in a special van to the truck and landed on the hood. Next one breaks the lock of the truck, while another holds his legs. And when they manage to open the Luggage, they climbed into the truck and carry all the expensive goods in the van.

According to police, so over the past 2 years the criminal group has committed 17 robberies.

Video provided by the police of Romania, dates back to 2012. The shooting, captured on a police helicopter in complete darkness, you can see how two people breaking into the back doors of the truck, but for some reason, looking at the Luggage, they stop the robbery.

Technique recently arrested Romanian gang absolutely identical. The police conducted a RAID on suspected robbers when they were hiding in the small village of Otterlo, close to the national Park of the Netherlands. The purpose of thieves was the Museum Kröller-müller, which houses one of the world’s largest reproductions of paintings by van Gogh.

It is not known whether it wanted the gang to steal an expensive collection, staging a robbery of historic proportions, but it certainly would be the most likely scenario of big-budget movie.