Elon Musk has sold 15 thousand flamethrowers for 3 days

Elon Musk has sold 15 thousand flamethrowers for 3 days

«Obviously, the flamethrower is a super terrible idea. In no case do not buy it. Of course, if you don’t like to have fun!» — joked Elon Musk 28 January, when he started selling a new product belonging to him Boring Company.

Obviously, a flamethrower is a super terrible idea. Definitely don’t buy one.

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) January 28, 2018

Apparently, fun is loved by many — otherwise the manufacturer would hardly be able to collect pre-orders on 15 thousand flame throwers less than three days. On your next triumph Musk announced on January 31.


— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) January 30, 2018

Now customers Boring Company armed in case of a zombie Apocalypse. For this event the inventor is a millionaire has developed a new product. This joke earned him $7.5 million, given the fact that one flamethrower is $500.

Despite the fact that on the product page, the weapon is positioned as the safest, with him offering to purchase a fire extinguisher for $30.

Of course, many will have a question: is it lawful for such entertainment? In most States, possession of such weapons as grenade launchers and flamethrowers are not regulated. Therefore, no one can stop you holding such a thing at home.

Recall that the main goal Boring Company remains the construction of underground tunnels for high-speed movement. Flamethrowers and other stuff is just a way not to let people get bored waiting for superfast transport.