As a result of extreme turbulence, the stewardess was thrown to the ceiling, and 10 passengers were taken to hospital

The stewardess was thrown into the ceiling, and another 10 passengers were injured when the plane ALK Airlines Boeing 737 hit turbulence in France. For a scary 30-second recording shows a strong turbulence, for which the stewardess and her cart of drinks «flew up» to the ceiling during the flight. «People started to scream and cry — says a passenger Mirjeta bash. The flight attendant was hit with a truck…

June 19, 2019

The Reynolds Wrap company is looking for a man who for $5 thousand in a week it will travel around the USA in search of the tastiest ribs

Company of Reynolds Wrap looking for the lucky one who gets to ride across America in search of the most delicious ribs and get paid a $10 thousand. «If you don’t mind to get paid for something that you tasted the most delicious BBQ pork ribs all over the country, to publish the envy of pictures of your dishes and every night to fall asleep, dreaming of the next batch…

June 19, 2019

10-year-old girl became the youngest female mountaineer who conquered the deadly 3000-foot monolith in Yosemite valley

June 17, 2019

She is only 10 years, but the Village Sznyter from Colorado, became the youngest climber who conquered the deadly 3000 feet (over 900 meters) the Nose on Yosemite ‘s El Capitan. This mountain is a monolith is so steep and dangerous that she was able to conquer only in 1950-ies. The village Shnaider finished their historic climb last week, spending five days Outside, and confessing that he wants now to…


NASA will open the International space station for tourism, and there will be able to get anyone

June 10, 2019

Want to buy a ticket to the space station? NASA promises that it will soon become a reality. National Aeronautics and space administration (NASA) plans to open the International space station for commercial business, including tourism. On Friday, may 7, NASA announced that it would allow any interested person to visit the ISS is the only place where people currently live outside of the planet. It will be a pleasure…


Trump will impose restrictions on travel and educational travel to Cuba

The administration of President trump introduces new restrictions for American citizens travelling to Cuba. They will come into force on Wednesday, 5 June. In particular, the ban will spread to a range of educational and leisure trips. According to the Ministry of Finance, the United States will abolish the so-called program of «cultural exchange» (People to People) — which thousands of American citizens used for visits to the island before…

June 4, 2019

Checking social networks makes it mandatory for all U.S. visas

With the introduction of the new rules, people applying for U.S. visa, you will need to provide information about their accounts in social networks. Under the new rules of the state Department, people will have to provide information about the social media accounts, email addresses and phone numbers for 5 years. When the proposal was made last year, authorities estimate that it will annually affect 14.7 million people. Certain applicants…

June 2, 2019

Everest continues to take lives: killed another American, it’s the 11th death on the mountain since the beginning of the season

Another American climber died after climbing Everest, bringing the total death toll climbing season 2019 has already reached 11 people. 62-year-old lawyer from Colorado Christopher John Kulish died Monday, may 27, after the early morning reached the summit of the highest mountains in the world. According to eyewitnesses, the climber felt good, going down to the height of around 7900 meters, but then he suddenly died. «He saw my last…

May 28, 2019

Planning a summer vacation? The US state Department presented a list of countries where you should not go

With the beginning of the summer holidays for pupils, students, teachers, and most parents, quite naturally, many Americans go on vacation. Most often the most popular summer destinations become beaches, mountains and other popular tourist places in America. But for those who prefer to travel abroad, the US state Department offered a list of countries or points in some countries, a trip which they recommend to wait. This includes some…

May 27, 2019

Everest queue, and the «tube» of the people, killed two climbers, among them – the American (photos)

May 25, 2019

Two climbers died on mount Everest on Wednesday, may 22, after the crowd of people stuck in the queueleading to the top of the highest mountains in the world. So, 55-year-old Indian mountaineer, anjali Kulkarni died during the descent after reaching the summit. As told CNN her son, a woman stuck in a traffic jam on the fourth camp, which is located at an altitude of 8000 meters. 55-year-old American…


One tooth: Greek restaurant, set by the us soldier $935 for the squid rings and beer

American soldier and his friends were shocked at your leisure on Mykonos, when in one place they brought a check for $935 for not so thick or luxurious lunch. Cisco Rock from Brooklyn, spoke about his visit to the restaurant in Greece, where he refused to provide a menu or prices displayed, and then struck by the final score. Soldiers of the 69 th new York infantry, stated that he…

May 24, 2019