About 100 children born from surrogate mothers, due to coronavirus are stuck in Ukraine, thousands of miles from their parents

In Ukraine, about 100 babies born from surrogate mothers, and their parents are aliens has been blocked due to restrictions COVID-19.

Lyudmila Denisova, the Ukrainian ombudsmen on human rights, appealed to the authorities to find a solution for dozens of children born from surrogate mothers. Foreign parents were in a quandary due to the fact that the country’s borders are now closed.

«About 100 children are waiting for their parents in different centers of reproductive medicine. And if the quarantine will be extended, it will be not hundreds, but thousands [of children],» said the Commissioner.

This problem has attracted much attention after Biotexcom, the largest surrogate company in the country, has published a video in which dozens of children in cradles lined up in close rows in two large rooms, where the clinic serves clients.

According to Denisova, in Biotexcom is home to 51 children, 15 of whom are in the care of parents who were able to reach the country before the closure, but can’t leave.


Restrictions in Ukraine will remain in force at least until may 22.


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  1. I don’t even know what is better. To be in Ukrain with your child and being not able to leave or to be in your country, but far away from your newborn child.
    Hard and unique situation. But I know for sure that I would pay money to watch nurses of Biotexcom reading fairy tales to all those babies.

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