Due to a winter storm forecasters are predicting «chaos» for millions of Americans traveling for thanksgiving

A strong winter storm, which, according to forecasts, is expected in the Central regions of the United States, including Chicago, Detroit, St. Louis, Minneapolis, and the Great lakes region, will lead to chaos in traveling in the busiest day of the year on thanksgiving. A storm system in some States will bring heavy snow and some heavy rains. «Approaching storm system will bring heavy snowfall to the area from Denver…

November 21, 2019

In the United States – the cold and snow canceled hundreds of flights, has died

Front of cold Arctic air brought into the United States a sharp deterioration in the weather. Snowfall and slippery roads caused a fatal accident. Arctic air moved from the center to the East, bringing snow from the Midwest to the northeast. It is expected that about 70% of the US population will see temperatures around or below freezing Wednesday morning. These weather conditions turned deadly for motorists. On Monday, Eaton…

November 13, 2019

An American died trying to save pet during a raging storm

A resident of Tennessee, died after he tried to save his pet, ignoring the warning of impending severe storm. Ray wood (63 years old) was killed near his home in Adamsville on Saturday when a falling tree hit him during a raging storm that covered the region over the weekend. As reported in the Tennessee River Valley News, a blow which got the man proved fatal. At that time it…

October 29, 2019

Incredible NASA photo of the Sun looks like Jack-o-lantern. Says Halloween

October 28, 2019

No lights to Halloween as it does the Sun. Sunday, October 27, NASA has published on Facebook a unique picture in which the star looks just like the famous symbol of Halloween is a lamp Jack. The photo looks like on its surface are two giant eyes and a wide grin, turning into a giant festive pumpkin. «Even our star celebrates the scariest day of the year. — signed image…


The Texas tornado went through this place: there are victims, tens of thousands of people without light (photo, video)

Severe weather struck across North Texas on Monday night, 21 October, particularly affected Dallas and the surrounding area, where «landed» a powerful tornado. A tornado caused significant damage to homes, businesses, parks. According to preliminary information, the storm injured at least six people, was hospitalized. Of the fatal cases had no information. Wow! Some phenomenal and photogenic shots of this tornado! Credit: @pktfulloshells @ZachHolderWx #Dallas #Texas #Dallastornado #Texastornado #Tornado #Severeweather…

October 21, 2019

In Colorado 24 hours the temperature fell from +25 ºC to — ºC 6, turning summer to winter (photos)

Complain about the bad weather? What can we then say about the residents of Colorado! The residents of «the Centennial state» enjoyed real summer weather – 77 degrees (about +25 ºC), when just a day temperature in some parts of the state fell by 50 degrees to 21 degrees Fahrenheit (- 6 ºC). This is the most severe drop in temperature since 1872! A friend of mine sent this from…

October 12, 2019

Draconids and Tauride: this week in the night sky you can see two meteor shower

October 9, 2019

«Falling stars» can create a show in the night sky this week thanks to two meteoroid streams. Meteor shower Draconids will be active till October 10-11. According to the American meteor society, if this does not happen, the peak of the «stars» can come November 6. Meteor shower is the Draconids can be observed in the evening and at night. Note, however, that the full moon occurs on October 13,…


Autumn heat: in the United States predict more than 160 weather «heat» of records: up to +32 ºC

Came October: time for cosy sweaters, yellow leaves, pumpkins and… record 90-degree weather across the country! Yeah, maybe with a sweater will have to wait. Although the calendar – the middle of autumn, in some parts of the U.S. today, October 2, is truly a historic heat. From Tuesday to Thursday, almost all over the country is projected to be 162 possible temperature maximum in the entire history of weather…

October 2, 2019

Snow storm in September: in Montana declared a state of emergency (photos)

In the Northern part of the Rocky mountains have passed the September snowfell up to two feet of snow that resulted in power outages and road closures in several localities in Montana. The state’s Governor Steve Bullock announced on Sunday a state of emergencythat allows the state to mobilize resources in areas affected by the storm. Highway patrol Montana state warns drivers to be particularly careful, as there are already…

September 30, 2019