Buying real estate in the USA

September 23, 2023

America is the country of dreams Many of our fellow citizens dream of moving to the United States of America. The land of opportunity attracts hundreds of thousands of people around the world. What is the reason for this trend is asked by those who live well in their native walls. After all, it’s not at all easy to leave your hometown, leave your family and friends, property acquired over…


Holidays in Hawaii

September 21, 2023

Hawaii, with its wonderful water and golden sand, is the most visited island in the Pacific Ocean. The formation of the islands is based on interesting geographical events. The largest island of Hawaii has seven volcanoes, some of which are still active. In addition, there are volcanoes that are active and inactive under the ocean, to which the Hawaiian Islands owe their formation, since the archipelago was created when the…


A year at the helm: what has Joe Biden managed to do and what has not been accomplished?

September 21, 2023

On January 20, 2021, Democratic candidate Joe Biden officially became the 46th President of the United States. What did he succeed in during his year in the White House, and what promises did he not keep? Read today in USA.ONE magazine: Results of the first year of Joe Biden's presidency The fight against climate change, the coronavirus pandemic and more. World leadership and climate issues .jpg» /> Former President Donald…


Top 5 most high-profile political scandals in the US over the past 10 years

September 16, 2023

For The United States has been rocked by more than one political scandal over the past decade. Read today in USA.ONE magazine what happened at the top of power: The 5 most notorious trials in the USA From Hillary Clinton's emails to Black Lives Matter. Scandal with Benghazi (2012) The Benghazi scandal took place in 2012 when the American embassy in Benghazi, Libya was attack


Top 5 attractions in North America

September 12, 2023

There are amazing countries in the world, full of secrets and mysteries of nature! One of them is North America. It is filled with magnificent natural attractions. Anyone who has visited these lands at least once will remember this magical beauty for the rest of their lives. Stunning landscapes, majestic mountains and glaciers, ancient waterfalls, rivers and lakes, “cosmic” canyons, wild deserts, dense forests and jungles, fabulous grottoes and caves,…


Hundreds of accidents and thousands of houses without electricity: a snow storm hits the USA

September 5, 2023

Monday, January 3, a powerful storm passed through the east coast of the United States. Heavy snowfalls caused the death of 5 people, hundreds of accidents and traffic stoppages. Read today in USA.ONE: Blizzard hits the US About 850,000 households were left without electricity, and dozens of drivers were stuck on Highway 95. Mid-Atlantic From eastern Virginia to the coast of Maryland, southern New Jersey and much of Delaware saw…


University of North Carolina professor shot to death

August 30, 2023

At many US universities, the fall semester started last week. The University of North Carolina was no exception, in which the beginning of studies was overshadowed by an emergency. Read today in USA.ONE magazine: A teacher was shot dead in the USA What is known about the identity and motives of the perpetrator? A university teacher was killed in North Carolina A report of a shooting near a chemistry lab…


Protesters blocked the entrance to the Burning Man festival. What is the reason?

August 28, 2023

Yesterday, August 27, perhaps the most famous US festival Burning Man 2023 started in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. Its opening was overshadowed not only by Hurricane Hillary that swept the day before, flooding the location, but also by the protest of the members of the "7 seven circles" movement. Read today in USA.ONE magazine: Climate activists tried to derail Burning Man What caused this action? Burning Man 2023…


18-year-old student shot dead more than 20 people at a Texas school

August 26, 2023

Yesterday, May 24, there was a shooting in south Texas. An 18-year-old high school student at Robb Elementary School in Yuvald opened fire on children, killing 19 of them. Two more victims are adults. Read today in USA.ONE: Texas high school shooting Total death toll rises to 21. A teenager killed dozens and was shot at the scene of the crime On Tuesday morning, at 11:32 a.m. local time, a…


18-year-old teenager killed 10 people in an attack on a supermarket in Buffalo

August 15, 2023

Saturday, On May 14, a Tops supermarket in Buffalo, New York, was raided. Payton Gendron, 18, drove up to the store in his car and immediately opened fire with a semi-automatic rifle. He broadcast his actions live on the Twitch streaming service. Read today in USA.ONE: A teenager shot and killed 10 people and wounded three more The vast majority of the victims were black. An 18-year-old guy opened fire…