At Walmart in Missouri have detained Dmitry Andreychenko, who had a rifle and 100 rounds of ammunition

Thursday, August 8, in Springfield (Missouri) was arrested dressed in the armor of the guy with a rifle and 100 cartridges.

He entered the Walmart, scaring buyers — but was soon detained by an armed fireman not on duty, which, according to the authorities, handed over the guy to the police.

Armed man arrested at Missouri Walmart; no shots fired: Dmitriy Andreychenko, 20, was arrested after shoppers were sent fleeing when a man was spotted wearing a bullet proof vest while pushing a trolley around a Springfield Walmart on Thursday.

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According to the Lieutenant of the local police, Mike Lucas, the detainee did not fire a single shot, but has already wreaked havoc, which probably was his main aim. The intention of the guy is still not entirely clear.

Police identified the suspect as Dmitry Andreychenko, 20 years. After the Walmart Manager pulled the fire alarm and the visitors began to run out of the store, the firefighter took him at gunpoint and arrested at a local Park.

At Walmart in Missouri have detained Dmitry Andreychenko, who had a rifle and 100 rounds of ammunitionFacebook. Dmitry Andreychenko

At the moment the police are investigating the accounts of the young person in social networks and recordings from surveillance cameras Walmart.

A few days ago Andreichenko has published a video in which he shoots from Anderson Arms AR-15 5.56. Six months ago he said that he hates the store policy regarding the sale of firearms to those who are 21 and less.

On Facebook Andreychenko posted record: «Seriously. I hate Walmart. Obviously, they don’t sell ammunition for rifles and shotgun, if you are under 21 years of age. «New policy». However, I can go to the store with a loaded .40, and no one will say anything. Funny.»

Andreichenko originally from Portland (Oregon), married, his wife Angelica is expecting a baby. Guy studied at Ozarks Technical Community College.

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«Fortunately, no one was hurt. Lucas said to reporters at the scene — Just a very scary and dangerous situation, which, fortunately, was resolved».

At the moment the actions of Andreichenko considered as a terrorist threat.

According to the laws of Missouri, the terrorist threat is «intentionally, recklessly ignoring the risk of the evacuation, quarantine or closure of any part of a building, residential buildings, places.»

On the website of the national rifle associazioni says that in Missouri, the owner can bring its weapons to any place in completely legal, yet not threaten them to anyone.


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    “Butt-hurt Boy” didn’t like Walmart’s policy requiring shoppers be the mature age of 21 to purchase bullets so he set out to prove how childish, immature and irresponsible he was by terrorizing hundreds of people instead of behaving like the “adult” he professed to be.

    Outfitted and armed to the teeth like a “Fake War Hero”, this “Classic Coward” demonstrated how sorely lacking in mental maturity and communication skills he was and still is.

    Instead of words, he showed up fully escalated in “Threat and Shock Gear” timed perfectly after two massacres to exact TERROR and FLIGHT in every direction. Just his chilling specter made it clear that all the innocent people around him would feel the wrath and entitlement of his HATRED and lack of respect for his fellow man without one bullet fired.

    “Butt-hurt Boy” was starring in his own home movie inflicted upon the peaceful public around him. As it all played out, he smugly knew it would be only a matter of time before he would be home and online bragging to all his friends about his act of bullying cowardice, they would all mistake for courage.

    “Butt-hurt Boy” could feel safe and smug, even as cops were coming for him, not because he had bullet-proof armor, an assault rifle and 100 rounds of ammunition, but because of a few millimeters of white skin, the kind that Trump likes and the kind the Republican Party has preferred for decades.
    (Remember 2014 when John Crawford, a 22-year-old black man was shot and killed by Beavercreek, Ohio cop in a Walmart for holding a BB gun?)

    “Butt-hurt Boy” was taken in without one officer shooting him, kicking him, tasering him, pepper-spraying him, and not even tapping him with a steel club.

    What would have happened to “Butt-hurt Boy” had he shown more pigment in his skin? I think you know. There are graveyards full of black and brown unarmed men and women who were put to death by cops. Those cops simply claimed they “feared for their lives” and most continue to enjoy pensions, raises, and promotions.

    Does anyone else wonder what “Butt-hurt Boy” ordered when they went through Burger King?

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