How do Americans treat Mexicans in the US?

June 6, 2023

Many people know that Mexicans are the largest group immigrants in America. Their community makes up a quarter of all foreigners in the United States. This begs the question: how did the Americans themselves accept them? Read today in USA.ONE magazine: How the United States treats immigrants from Mexico How did it all begin and how are things now? The history of Mexican immigration to the United States Mexican immigration…


What changes are taking place in the field of funeral services today

May 25, 2023

Funeral services traditionally offered during funerals and farewell ceremonies are increasingly undergoing changes reflecting the evolution of modern society. Today, the industry is actively adapting to new requirements and expectations, offering innovative and personalized approaches to commemorative farewells. Major innovations in funeral services One of the main trends in funeral services has become the desire for individualization and taking into account the characteristics of each deceased. Traditional funerals with ready-made…


Traditions of family life in the USA, Great Britain and Japan

May 22, 2023

Own family atmosphere relations inherent in every nation. And, as a rule, the traditions of family relations are cultivated and remain practically unchanged for many centuries. Some of them seem to us, if not strange, then at least not quite ordinary. So, what are the main features of the family way of life among peoples in different parts of the world? USA: democracy and the marriage contract The creed of…


A dwarf from Ukraine pretended to be a child and threatened to kill her foster family

May 18, 2023

May 29 on Investigation Discovery will release a documentary in three parts "The Curious Story of Natalia Grace". In the trailer, the adoptive father of a midget from Ukraine sobs and beats his hands on the floor, claiming that his family was deceived, and he himself became a victim. The adopted daughter with skeletal pathologies turned out to be not a child, but an adult woman. Read today in USA.ONE…


What will be the next US stealth fighter

May 8, 2023

Lockheed Martin unveiled new images of what a fighter jet could look like future USA. Photos can be found on the company's website. The aircraft bears the somewhat unwieldy designation Next Generation Air Dominance (NGAD). The photos were actually released to promote the new LMXT tanker concept. What's interesting about these photos is that it's not just a tanker, but a fueled aircraft, which is most likely an NGAD project….


New Year and Christmas in the USA

April 25, 2023

In the US, Christmas is celebrated before the New Year on December 25th. It is one of the most beloved and widely celebrated American holidays. On this day, most citizens have a day off. All shops are closed. Some restaurants are open, but from 18-19 pm. Establishments that are open at Christmas make money for the year ahead, because everything is closed, and some people want to go somewhere to…


Registration of a residence permit in Slovenia

April 24, 2023

Getting a residence permit in Slovenia: reviews, personal experience of clients Slovenian residence permit remains relevant for many Russians even this year. This country is attractive, first of all, because it is on a steady economic upswing against the background of the ups and downs of other states that attract the attention of foreign citizens. In the reviews on the migration portal, they note that obtaining a residence…


Texas is America’s most cowboy state

April 18, 2023

cowboys who know how to perfectly master weapons and overcome great distances on horseback, and also an excellent place for tourism with a varied cuisine and many types of entertainment. Amusement rides and playgrounds, including those intended for children, attract not only indigenous Americans, but also foreign guests. And the local cuisine is replete with Latin American recipes, which are loved by the sharpness and richness of the taste of…


TRP in Kazakhstan: who is issued and how to apply for it

April 10, 2023

RVP (temporary residence permit) in Kazakhstan is a document that allows a foreign citizen to legally stay in the territory of Kazakhstan for a certain period. To obtain a TRP in Kazakhstan, you must contact the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan or the migration service. To obtain a TRP, you must provide a number of documents, such as a passport, a medical certificate, documents confirming the…


Perseverance, honesty and passion: Vadim Glozman and his recipe for a stellar career as a criminal lawyer

April 4, 2023

Since starting his legal career, Vadim Glozman has certainly become a well-known figure in federal and Illinois and several other state courts. The way Mr. Glozman handles criminal cases and defends his clients has earned him a reputation as a formidable "white collar" criminal defense professional. He provides excellent legal representation to both high-profile individuals and regular clients facing even the most serious federal charges. What is the basis of…