5 New US Fighter Models During World War II

January 25, 2023

During World War II US military aviation was divided into two categories — army and naval. That is, radically different types of aircraft were developed and produced for the army and for the navy. Well, on the one hand, this is correct — you didn’t have to distort the same aircraft model, adapting it for a variety of tasks. The Japanese went the same way, but other warring countries did…


Where can I get my washing machine repaired?

January 21, 2023

Washing machine repair shops, with a good reputation, carry out the restoration of equipment, so that the client was satisfied with the repair and used the device for a long time. It is worth choosing service centers with highly qualified specialists. Manufacturers initially lay in the equipment a great potential, designed for long-term use. These include: Design. Details. Engine characteristics. One of the modern versions of the engine is inverter….


What are the payroll taxes in Germany: information from International Business

January 19, 2023

Germany is one of the most promising countries for immigration. A high standard of living, many attractions, prospects for visitors even in the absence of a job — all this makes it one of the best options. However, immigration to an EU country has another side — taxes. How much will you have to pay when you get a job? What rate is in effect here — fixed or progressive?…


From model to businesswoman — Irina Proskurina and her success story

January 11, 2023

«I think helping people is my goal” — these words, taken from an interview with Irina Proskurina in 2017, pretty much sum up the main motivation of her entrepreneurial activity. Irina’s career is a set of clearly defined goals, a vision of performance results, and perseverance. Today, Irina Proskurina leads multi-faceted business initiatives: she is the founder and CEO of the Forma Models modeling agency, the CEO of the digital…


The most common myths about America and Americans

January 4, 2023

The United States is the state that everyone talks about. There are stereotypes about him, 10 of which are discussed in detail in this article. Unhealthy diet: fast food, freezing, overeating This is partly true. Americans cook little to save time. Instead, they order food from a pizzeria or buy hamburgers. At the same time, the restaurant business in the field of national dishes is actively developing in the country.America…


Unknown California

January 2, 2023

Muir Beach is a fishing village near San Francisco's Golden Gate. Today we will drive to the Pacific Ocean, where Sir Francis Drake landed on his Pelican 400 years ago to stake California for Queen Elizabeth II and her descendants. At thirty kilometers north of San Francisco along the famous first highway, which winds along the entire Pacific coast of California, past nudist beaches, over the Golden Gate Bridge and…


Julia Dimante: “The American Dream never came easy to anyone”

December 30, 2022

About “fabulous” on the way to the American dream , about what half of the so-called injectionists no longer have — hands or aesthetic taste; about work as a philosophy of life and the difference between a diamond and a diamond, we talked with a nurse and aesthetic cosmetologist Julia Dimante — a master of “cutting” precious stones: love, care and constant work on ourselves turn us from diamonds into…


Traditions of family life in the USA, Great Britain and Japan

December 9, 2022

Own family atmosphere relations inherent in every nation. And, as a rule, the traditions of family relations are cultivated and remain practically unchanged for many centuries. Some of them seem to us, if not strange, then at least not quite ordinary. So, what are the main features of the family way of life among peoples in different parts of the world? USA: democracy and the marriage contract The creed of…


11 amazing sights and monuments in Boston

December 7, 2022

No other city in the US has such historical significance in terms of view of colonial and revolutionary wars like Boston, which is one of the oldest in the United States of America. It is home to the first free municipal library, the first metro system, and the first public park. Boston is even home to America's first chocolate factory, which was founded in 1765. It is the only US…


11 Best Things to Do in Springfield

December 7, 2022

Springfield has unique attractions, parks, and historic sites. Explore Forest Park Springfield has several parks worth visiting, but Forest Park is the city's largest and most popular. The park is located next to the Connecticut River and covers an area of ​​about 297 hectares. There is an amphitheater in the park, and there is also a zoo. You will also find basketball courts, a water garden and numerous forest trails…