Starbucks will pay two victims of racial discrimination University tuition

Racial scandal involving Starbucks led to larger consequences than anyone could have imagined. Fortunately, they are extremely positive.

Due to the incident, two residents of Philadelphia — victims of discrimination the cafe staff will receive education at the expense of the coffee giant, and hundreds of young entrepreneurs financial support from the authorities.

All this became possible thanks to the incident with the illegal arrest of two 23-year-old entrepreneurs — Donte Robinson and Resona Nelson, which was expelled from the corporate point of a Starbucks in Philadelphia only because they sat a long time without making a reservation. When visitors afroamericans refused to leave the room, because it was expected of each other, the staff called the police.

After the arrest of Robinson and Nelson law enforcement officers were forced to let them go because of lack of evidence, but the incident caused a wide public resonance.

Administration Starbucks apologized for the incident and made a gesture temporarily shut down 8 thousand points for training staff about racial prejudice.

However, Robinson and Nelson decided to teach the government of Philadelphia for his arrest: they sued for a symbolic sum of $1, offering the city as compensation for moral damage caused to them to establish a program of assistance to young entrepreneurs with a Fund of $200 thousand.

On Wednesday, the court granted the petition, and the company Starbucks has agreed to pay the plaintiffs education at the University of Arizona.