56 new York establishments caught selling alcohol to minors

The law forbids to sell alcohol to buyers under 21 years of age. However, this does not mean that young people have no access to alcohol. To their services — many offenders who are ready to solder the teenagers, risking a fine, lose their license or even go to jail.

Only last month in the Big Apple had identified more than fifty such institutions. On Wednesday, may 9, said Andrew Cuomo. According to the Governor, in April, the office for the control of alcoholic beverages in the state of new York (New York State Liquor Authority) has audited the 756 establishments and retail outlets licensed to sell alcohol. Of these, 200 were implemented intoxicating beverages to minors, and 56 were directly in new York city.

In addition to this, arrested the 48 adolescents who used a fake ID to get alcohol.

As punishment unscrupulous sellers will lose their license for a period of 90 days to a year and pay fines of $10 thousand.

Full a full list of offenders can be found here.