The world’s first flying car will go on sale in October

Very soon anyone will be able to feel yourself a real hero of the cult futuristic film «blade Runner». This will be possible thanks to the new and unique invention of mankind — the flying car.

Manufacturer Terrafugia, owned by Volvo, promises that the vehicle will have a minute to transform from a normal car into a flying. And to be inside the car can not have more than two people.

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«Special thanks to The Bridge for what they took Terrafugia at your event in the Hamptons this weekend!«

It can accelerate to 200 mph (320 km/h) and fly for about 400 miles (643 km). According to Chinese news Agency Xinhua, pre-orders will begin to receive in October, although the price of this miracle of technology, the company has not yet calls. However, we can assume that not every person with income above average will be able to afford the aircraft. The first batch of such cars will sell in the United States.

Terrafugia is also developing a larger car called the TF-2, which can carry either a truck or another plane with wings and propellers.