Top 9 ideas to make extra money in retirement

Someone is eagerly awaiting the release of retirementto finally had enough free time to communicate with family, Hobbies and travel. But for some well-deserved rest is torture. In this category of pensioners — as an incorrigible workaholics, and the elderly, whose income is not enough for a decent life.

The first depressing a lot of vacant time — active life position does not allow them to sit idly by. Second and would be happy to have a rest, but the financial situation forced to look for additional earnings. With this problem many Americans face today, and will be more of them. After all, half of baby boomers retirement account reached $10 thousand and less, and this means that they will have to work up a sweat and after 50.

Top 9 ideas to make extra money in retirement

Active by conviction or coercion pensioners know that with age, employment does not increase. In fact, however, prospects have much more than is commonly believed.

1. Entrepreneurship

After retirement, when you need every day to go to work and received a no passive income in the form of social payments, it’s time to think about your own business. Remember what you wanted to do in his youth, but did not dare or simply don’t have time? Why not implement these projects now? Own business will satisfy the thirst of action, will increase to pension, and possibly substantial income which you do not even dare to dream.

Not enough skills and knowledge? To help budding entrepreneurs (regardless of age) was created by the nonprofit organization SCORE , providing free training and advice.

2. Consulting

What would you do in her youth, you’ve probably honed your skills and knowledge in this area. So, you can transfer them to others. Of course, for a fee. Consulting and training relevant to many spheres of activity, especially now when thanks to the Internet to Express themselves easier than ever.

3. Employment

If you don’t see yourself in the role of entrepreneur, either as a consultant — not a problem. Pensioner to find good employment. It is important to know where to look. It makes no sense to deny the existence of discrimination on the grounds of age and prejudice of some employers in respect of employees of pension age. However, there are companies that, on the contrary, will be happy to get your experience and knowledge. As a rule, small trade associations, nonprofits and startups.

Before you get to a new place, don’t forget to think about (and then be sure to mention in your resume and in the interview) your strengths — reliability and loyalty to the employer. It is a striking advantage of older employees before Millennials, who tend to wander from one place to another in search of new experiences and great prospects.

Where to send resume to the pensioner

There are several sites designed exclusively for older applicants. To use them, rather a mobile device with Internet access. In the ads on these sites you will not meet the requirements «to 35».

  • Retired Brains
  • Seniors4Hire

4. A part time nanny

If you love children, you might find a decent job. Payment for such services from year to year, and today it is much higher the average hourly wage in the country. Most nannies are paid in large cities such as new York, Los Angeles, Boston, San Francisco and Washington.

5. Selling handmade

One of the main advantages of retirement — the opportunity to engage in a hobby. If your passion is associated with creativity and needlework, it can be monetized. Today, handmade items are appreciated as ever. You can find customers on Etsy is a large site for sale hand-products with a larger audience.

6. Part-time courier food delivery

In our days, the service has found the scale of big business. If you have a car and willingness to work flexible hours, maybe you’ll find your place in service delivery, UberEATS. Here we take applicants of any age and pay $8-12 per hour + tips.

7. Participation in clinical trials

Don’t worry, it has nothing to do with the terrible picture of the experiments on living people. The clinical trials participants do not have to risk taking experimental drugs. There are plenty of safer options: track sleep features, dietary habits, etc to see what studies are in your area, fill in the form on the website of the National Institute of health. Research are held worldwide, and to participate in these activities allowed not only US citizens.

8. Work for writers

If you love and know how to write, finally you can implement your talent in exchange for good money. On the Internet regularly hosts dozens of contests prose and poetry in which the first prize is $1000. I guess a bird in the hand than a crane in the sky? There are thousands of vacancies for workers of the pen and keyboard of pay per hour, the publication or the number of characters. They are available on and similar portals.

Advanced age is not a reason to abandon the activity and to make extra money, if it is necessary.