In future, prostitutes will work in unmanned vehicles

The increase in the number of unmanned vehicles will lead to the dismissal of the taxi drivers, reduce tariffs, and allow people to have sex right in the vehicle. Maybe for the money.

In the new study, Annals of Tourism Research, scientists studied how advances in automated transportation can change the tourism around the world.

The authors — Scott Cohen, Professor of tourism University of Surrey, and Debbie Hopkins, Professor of transport studies at Oxford University — found that drones can cause a lot more problems than robotic Uber drivers.

«Of course, sex in Autonomous vehicles will become a phenomenon,» said Cohen of The Washington Post, citing the convenience and the lack of the front seats.

As reported by analysts from Silicon valley, less than 10 years until, when very often will drive cars without drivers. In this regard futurists predict that traditional taxi will gradually disappear.

According to Cohen, this development of technology will lead to «hotels for an hour» on wheels.

Of course, prostitution — mobile or otherwise — is illegal everywhere in the US except a handful of counties in Nevada. But the authors predict that the offenders will find a way to circumvent the law.

In addition, Cohen argues that unmanned vehicles can happen various illegal activities, including drug trafficking or even terrorist attacks with bombs with remote control. According to the author, the authorities should prepare for such threats.

In turn, the developers of these machines assure that the cars will be able to track a lot of data, and their facilities will be installed sensors, speakers and cameras.