The horse escaped from the stables in Midtown Manhattan

The horse escaped from the stables in Midtown Manhattan

Never has the phrase «hold your horses» sounded so literally for the people of new York.

On Tuesday Goldie, 13-year-old Mare, which is usually harnessed to the carriage to roll tourists and romantics, escaped from the stables and made himself walk through the heart of Manhattan. And while the animal enjoyed a well-deserved weekend, motorists on the road had hard times.

Goldie jumped over the fence of the stables, which is located at the intersection of 52nd Street and 12th Avenue and ran through the streets of town right to Ninth Avenue, to the surprise of passers-by and scaring the drivers (or, on the contrary, here how to look). A few minutes later, the animal noticed the other horses returning to the stables. The Mare decided that she was fully developed and it pays for her ride home.

OMG!! Runaway Horse on w54th #NYC hope the Police catch him. Made it through 2 intersections #OrangeRoom @nbc @TODAYshow #urbancowboy #nypd

— befedagain (@befedagain) May 30, 2017

Upon returning fugitive was examined by the vet who confirmed that the animal unharmed.

After this incident animal welfare advocates are again talking about what the city needs to do something with the carriages and the horses, which they harnessed. They argue that if city officials take the liberty to say that new York is the best city in the world, they should be able to protect all of its residents, including horses. On city streets and roadway with Goldie could happen anything. At least with horses you need to take the blinders off, to provide them with a better overview in case of emergency, and to take all necessary measures to ensure that such escapes do not occur any longer (not to mention the fact that the city, in close proximity to dangerous roads, the horses did not place).