The brutal murder of a teenage transgender: he gouged out his eyes and burned the body

The brutal murder of a teenage transgender: he gouged out his eyes and burned the body

The authorities of Missouri have identified the remains of a burned teenager. They found Joseph Matthew Steinfeld Jr., who changed the name given him at birth for Allie Lee. The body of a teenager was discovered last week in the city of Kabul, near the home of one of the alleged murderers, 24-year-old briany the Calderas, where the victim lived.

In the case of murder of the guy who considers himself a transgender person, there are 3 suspects who were familiar with the victim. In addition to his cohabitant Calderas, 18-year-old Andrew Vrba and ISIS Shower or suspected to be involved in the crime, which is defined by the investigators as the murder of the first degree. Although transsexuality has on the victims, Sheriff James Sigman and attorney Parks Stevens insist that the crime was not motivated by gender identity of Steinfeld.

Isis Schauer and Briana Calderas pictures,for Joseph Steinfeld murder in the death

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«I believe that murder in the first degree is all that matters – says the Prosecutor. – That in itself is a crime of hatred.»

Despite this statement, the defenders of transgender and other rights activists believe that Steinfeld still became a victim because of their gender identity.

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The mother of the deceased, amber, Steinfeldstill refers to her child as Joey. She said that the teenager presented himself as a girl in the family and among friends in social networks. She is confident that her child is «loving and kind».

According to her, Steinfeld was engaged to a girl but they broke up in August. And just at this time he began to meet with Calderas, which is suspected of his murder.

Mother said, Steinfeld grew up mostly in Missouri. The family briefly moved to Florida and then to Texas. The Steinfeld was expelled from high school after 17 years. When the family returned back to his house, he stayed in Houston and lived with different friends.

In may, Steinfeld made coming out to Instagram and announced that he is a transgender person. In the publication on June 13, Steinfeld called himself «a TRANS male who identificeret himself as a woman, and I’m mostly lesbian, but pansexual». Steinfeld, said: «I am proud to be myself, I am proud that I am TRANS, I am beautiful, I don’t care what people think.»

It is unknown what became a motive for murder, but one of the detainees, Vrba admitted to the staff of Polozhii that at first he tried to poison a transsexual, and then described how it hit the Steinfeld. Calderas and Schauer added that Vrba told the details of the murder of the teenager, and he described how his eyes gouged out to the victim and stabbed him in the genitals.

Local authorities claim that the three suspects burned the body of Steinfeld, put the remains in a garbage bag and put it in the coop. Calderas admitted that he helped burn the body and showed investigators the knife used in the murder.