In new York there have been three fires in two days.

In new York there have been three fires in two days.

The Christmas lights were burning not only on the trees. Holidays were marked by three fires in new York — one of them had fatal consequences.

The first incident was recorded Sunday at an apartment building on 19th street in Chelsea, Manhattan. The tribe has managed to cope, because the neighbouring building is part of the fire. One local resident and one rescuer were injured.

The beginning of the week was marked by another fire. At 7:30 broke out apartment for predposlednii floor of a 36-storey skyscraper at 56th street in Midtown, Manhattan. 70-year-old resident had not had time to rescue from captivity fire, since the building was faulty elevators.

Fire Department reported that the source of ignition was not until the end of the extinguished cigarette.

Per #FDNY Fire Marshals: Cause of today’s fatal 2-alarm fire at 211 W 56 St, Manhattan, was accidental, smoking. Smoke alarm present and operational

— FDNY (@FDNY) December 25, 2017

Around noon another old smoker started a fire in Richmond hill, Queens. 60-year-old man was saved, but he received severe burns.

Shortly before Christmas, firefighters called for increased precautions for fear of an increase in the number of fires, which annually takes place during the winter holidays.