Fire in Manhattan, 17 injured, dozens evacuated

Fire in Manhattan, 17 injured, dozens evacuated

In the middle of the day on December 8 in upper Manhattan, a sudden fire engulfed a six-story residential building. The incident occurred at: 775 Riverside Drive, near West 156th Street in Washington Heights. Rapidly spreading fire reached the roof, flames and a column of black smoke was visible for several kilometers from happening. As a result of fire, dozens of residents were evacuated (from all 5 of the residential complex), 17 people were injured (8 civilians and 9 firefighters responded to the first alarm). The victims were hospitalized, at the moment their life is not in danger.

The flames were so strong that to extinguish the fire were involved 200 firefighters.

The cause of the fire is pre-installed. It was a faulty electric toaster.

One of the tenants living on the second floor of an apartment building, making toast, when the device suddenly exploded. The fire spread to the furniture in the kitchen, and then covered the whole room. The ventilation shafts the flames spread to the upper floors.

Fire victims could be much higher, however, the incident occurred during working hours, when most occupants of the house were absent.

Evacuated residents were temporarily housed in Our Lady of Esperanza Church address: 624 West 156th Street. Again when they go back home – is not clear.

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