Family car with children missing in California, was found in the river

In the river silt in Northern California found the wreckage of the vehicle and personal belongings of the family of 4 people, which went missing a few days ago, returning home from Oregon.

We will remind, spouses , Thottapilly and their two children, 12 and 9 years, were vacationing in a national Park , the Redwood (or). On 8 April they had to return to California to visit relatives in San Jose, but there has not appeared — then close and called the police. On the same day, the witness said, he saw some SUV went off the highway into a river in the County of Mendocino. When to a scene there arrived rescuers, the car is already completely disappeared under the water.

As reported by the County Sheriff’s office, bodiesand were in the car to detect so far failed: in the raging storm, and the river too dangerous for divers. But search teams found on the shore of the things that was identified as belonging to the family of Thottapilly.

It is known that the day of the accident was a strong rain, and the highway passes in mountainous terrain. «When the car will be able to raise from the water, will carry out a full inspection of the vehicle under investigation», — reads the statement of the Sheriff.

Investigators no longer doubt that the Thottapilly family were in an SUV seen falling into a Northern California river.

— Rachel Tiede (@RTiedeNW12) April 12, 2018