A fire in Queens: 2 people killed, 2 more injured

On the morning of 16 April a fire took the lives of 2 women in new York.

The flames broke out at about 4.15 in the two-story house on Wheatley Street (Far Rockaway, Queens).

At the scene immediately, firefighters arrived, but the heavy wind and rain hampered their work — element was able to subdue only 6.00.

Women living in a burning building, was taken in critical condition at Episcopal hospital St. John’s, where they soon died. Also injured 2 firefighters.

The cause of PE to investigate the relevant agencies.

We will remind, the day before the fire broke out in a 6-storey building in Manhattan because of unattended candles. Fortunately, there were no casualties, but residents were forced to evacuate down the fire escape. Burns got 3 people, including 2 firefighters.