The eruption of a volcano in Hawaii: lava destroys more homes

Houses, power lines, roads, trees — destroys all in its path glowing magma flow, sailing to the villages on the Eastern side of the island of Hawaii since the eruption began one of the most active volcanoes on earth — Kilauea.

With 3 may the crater of the volcano has not stopped spewing fountains of lava, burning all the surrounding vegetation. Obstacle for the fire flow does not become even structures: to date, the element has destroyed about 25 more houses.

In the earth there are more cracks, and the air in the kīlauea area, rich of sulphur dioxide, is becoming more dangerous to the health and lives of people.

Steaming cracks open on Pohoiki Road just east of Leilani Street in the Leilani Estates Subdivision on Kīlauea Volcano’s lower East Rift Zone.

— USGS Volcanoes🌋 (@USGSVolcanoes) May 6, 2018

«Smoking cracks appear on Pohoiki Road and Leilani Street East, in the neighborhood of Leilani Estates, in the lower part of the East rift zone of Kilauea volcano».

A total of about 1.7 million people and hundreds of animals were evacuated from the area of Leilani Estates near the largest on the island of Hilo town.

Greg Webber is a local resident who refused to evacuate, was seen as burned 8 houses of his neighbors:

«I will not leave until it (the lava. — is inches from my house. I’ve been through this a million times.»

When the end of this process, seismologists cannot yet accurately predict, says the USGS (United States Geological Survey — USGS). We know one thing: it will happen soon. For the last day on the island recorded 477 aftershocks, although many of them were so weak that were not felt by residents. The lava flows «lethargic and not moving very fast or far,» noted in the USGS.

According to experts of the Observatory Hawaiian volcanoes (Hawaiian Volcano Observatory), «as the eruption other areas East of the rift may also be at risk».

All residents and visitors of the Big island is highly recommended, with the aim of improving their earthquake preparedness, read the rules of conduct and tips for survival in these difficult conditions.

230 ft Lava fountains from the new fissure (#8) in the Leilani Estates subdivision in the lower East Rift Zone of Kīlauea Volcano.

— USGS Volcanoes🌋 (@USGSVolcanoes) May 6, 2018

«Fountains of lava in 230 feet of new cracks (No. 8) in the neighborhood of Leilani Estates, in the lower part of the East rift zone».