Shooting at the Golf club trump: a policeman wounded, shooter arrested

Tonight, may 18, unknown staged shooting in the territory of the Golf resort of the President of Donald trump (Trump National Doral Golf Club) near Miami, Florida.

As told in the police message on the arrow entered 911 at about 1:30 in the morning.

According to the representative of police of Hernan Organizata, officers from Miami-Dade County immediately went on the scene. It is known that the shooter was in the hotel lobby, located on the territory of Golf club.

«He was yelling, cursing, including referring to President trump. He was with the American flag,» — said the police chief of Miami-Dade County Juan Perez.

At the sight of the police marksman did not give up and not lay down their arms, but on the contrary, staged a shootout. One of the officers, according to Juan Perez, was injured, but details about his condition yet.

In the end, the arrow still managed to be neutralized and taken into custody. His name is not yet released, as well as the motive.

«Officers, without a moment’s hesitation, entered the fray with a man who was shot in the lobby of the hotel. They risked their lives, knowing that they need to save other people,» said Perez.

Now the scene has already sent the FBI and the Secret service. The entrances to the Golf club closed, through the main gate stretched yellow police tape.

Recall, Golf resort, formerly known as the Doral Resort&Spa was bought by Donald trump in 2012.