Father hand of Santa Fe believes that his son did the shooting because of bullying classmates

The father of a 17-year-old Dimitrios of Agurcia, accused of killing 10 people in a school in Santa Fe (TX), claims that his son was «a good boy». According to men, the bullying of classmates brought a guy in rage, then he opened fire.

In an interview with the Wall Street Journal Antonios Phorcys said that his son «abused in school» that could push for such a terrible act. But, according to the Independent school districts of Santa Fe (Santa Fe Independent School District), complaints of Pagoria Jr. on bullying are not true.

On Saturday, may 19, in an interview with Greek Television Antenna Antonios Phorcys confirmed that a shotgun and a pistol 38-go calibre which shot his son belongs to him: «I Have a weapon. I am a hunter. And I have a farm which I rent since the 1980s years.»

According to Agurcia Sr., he and his son dined on the eve of the shooting, and the next morning, Demetrios went to school. «He never fought. I don’t know what happened, said Phorcys. — I hope God will help me and my family to understand it. We are all devastated. It would be better if he shot me, than all these children.»

It is reported that the Antonios of Agurcia owning a ship repair company North American Marinealso had problems with the law. According to court records, a man about 10 times brought on criminal charges. The last case occurred in 2012, when he was accused of assault and battery men, however, the case was closed.

One of the parishioners of the Church, which they attend and Agurcia, who wished to remain anonymous, said Dimitrios long been dancing on the Greek festivals, including mother’s Day, during the annual festival in the nearby town of Clear lake. «He looked happy and smiling, she said. I remember him as a young boy — a cute, polite. All these years he was engaged in dancing.»