«This is a big event»: a video where a Florida shooter talks about the future of the shooting

The Prosecutor’s office of Broward County showed to the public a few videos that amaze with their cruelty. All 3 records are made Nicolas Cruz, 14 February, shot 17 people in school, Parkland (Florida). But even before the bloody events he described in detail what he intends to do.

«My name is Nick and I will be the next school shooter 2018, — with these words begins the video, in which 19-year-old Cruz is calmly talking about their plans for Valentine’s Day. — My goal is [to shoot] at least 20 people from the AR-15 (semi-automatic rifle — approx. USA.one). …Place — Stoneman Douglas (Magogo Stoneman Douglas High School — approx. USA.one) in Parkland, FL».

Mobile phone arrow were seized on February 14 during the arrest, but the video was made public only yesterday, may 30.

«My goal is at least 20 people with an AR-15»
Shocking video of Nikolas Cruz released.
“you’re all going to die” pic.twitter.com/u3r9mn3h7h

— 24/7 HipHop News (@BenjaminEnfield) May 30, 2018

«What’s the plan. I’m going to order Uber the day before 14:40, — Florida shooter says in another video. From there I will go to the school campus, up the stairs, put your bags, grab the AR and shoot people in the main courtyard, and people will die.»

Cruz really came to school on Uber and opened fire just after 14:20.

In the videos it is evident that Florida shooter says about the murders without emotion and clearly angry at the world.

«I hate everyone and everything, — he said in one video. But thanks to the power of my AR, you all know who I am. I had that told me what to do and when. I have had enough of what people say, I’m an idiot».

As reports the Miami Herald, the former head of the prosecutors in Miami-Dade County Peggy Brill believes that the behavior of the crews in the video shows «premeditation».

According to Cruz in the video, we can assume that he believed that he would die after the shooting.

«My love for you, Angie, will never disappear,’ said the teenager to a girl at the end of the recording. I hope to see you in the afterlife».

Cruz was charged with the murder of 17 people and the attempted murder of the same number of people.